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Oracles: A Throne of Thirst

Oracles: A Throne of Thirst

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As I sit wrapped in the sun's own glow, I am the oracle, the truth, real deal. My throne is not of stone, but of the souls who seek the essence, the core, the spirit's seal.

Y'all, hear my voice, it's the melody in the wind, the beat beneath the concrete, the hum in the hustle. I am the siren in the city sea, the calm in the chaos, speaking what will be, what must be.

Lay your burdens in my lap, sweet ones. With open arms and an open heart, I receive you. I'm the healer of the hidden wounds, the light in the moon, the truth-teller in the room.

My words are few, but they deep. They the roots, they the keeper of secrets, the speaker of the silent things that live within the deep. In my presence, feel the peace, the release, as I sing the anthem of your soul's release.

Come as you are, raw and beautiful, in the glow of my gold. I am the guide and the guided, the known and the unknown, the songstress of your stories untold.
- staff writer

The Golden Oracle transcends the boundaries of traditional art, inviting viewers into a world where femininity, desire, and divinity converge. This captivating piece, created by the talented Allysen Towner, explores the depths of human longing through the lens of a mystical, golden goddess. Towner's work is a testament to the power of abstract expression, weaving themes of worship, sensuality, and introspection into the fabric of her canvas.

Artist: Allysen Towner, 2019

Allysen Towner is a contemporary artist known for her bold exploration of emotional landscapes through abstract forms. With "A Throne of Thirst," she invites the viewer to reflect on the complexities of identity and desire, challenging conventional perceptions of the divine. Towner's artistry lies in her ability to evoke deep, introspective contemplation, making her a standout figure in the realm of modern abstract art.

Medium: Digital painting on canvas

Materials: Cotton-polyester coated fabric, FSC certified wood stretcher bars, 300-350gsm/110-130lb cover, 350-400 microns thickness

Features: Enhanced texture, two thickness options (slim: 2cm/0.8", thick: 4cm/1.6"), hanging hardware included, edge-to-edge printing, no colored edges, includes hanging kit, protective packaging.

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