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Golden Whispers

Golden Whispers

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In my home of sunlit yellows wide,
Where silent whispers of my tribe abide,
I watch over a realm, bold and still,
A gallery of dreams, my world to fill.

Here, white blooms on golden plains,
Spirals, diamonds, life's refrains,
In patterns old, stories untold,
My gaze serene, my thoughts bold.

In this canvas of warmth, my soul's enclave,
Every stroke, a wish, every hue, a brave
Quest to shape, to mold, to own,
A sanctuary of color, my spirit's throne.

Nature's touch in leafy greens I wear,
A hint of life amidst symbols fair,
Zigzags of trials, grids of days,
In my abode, my heart's ways.

Around me, hearts in purest white,
Sighs of love, day's delight,
The dance of ancient artistry,
Crafts the walls of my history.

Zephyrs carry the echoes of the past,
In my home, each memory's cast,
A place of peace where I am the way,
In this painted refuge, my soul's array.

So here I dwell, in quiet repose,
Among the shapes that life composes,
In my home, where I alone sway,
Crafting tomorrows from the clays of today.

-Cadenza Arthouse staff writer

artwork by Yahzmen Jaylynn

authentic canvas texture and sustainable FSC-certified wood stretchers. Available in both slim and thick profiles for a custom fit, each piece comes ready to hang with included hardware. Made of a sturdy cotton-polyester blend for lasting beauty, our prints are designed without colored edges to enhance image quality.

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