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Centered But Not Perfect

Centered But Not Perfect

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Centered but not Perfect is a manifesto of self-acceptance and the beauty found in embracing our unique paths. Blue has always been a mirror to the soul—deep, fluid, and vast, embodying the essence of water and its ceaseless flow. This piece is a reflection on being in alignment with oneself, acknowledging that while our journeys might look askew to others, they're perfectly crafted for us. It's a celebration of the wealth in community, the strength in unity, and the personal journey towards aligning our energy centers. Through symbols of healing and overcoming the blockages that hinder our growth, this artwork invites you to find solace in your authenticity, reminding us all to flow with life's currents, not against them. 

artwork by Yahzmen Jaylynn

authentic canvas texture and sustainable FSC-certified wood stretchers. Available in both slim and thick profiles for a custom fit, each piece comes ready to hang with included hardware. Made of a sturdy cotton-polyester blend for lasting beauty, our prints are designed without colored edges to enhance image quality.

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