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Cabernet Comfort

Cabernet Comfort

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Hey there, past me, in a time less bright,
Writing from a future where I've found my light.
Moved into a new place, a sanctuary of mine,
A space that's more than just a line in time.

In this spot, I've hung a masterpiece, so fine,
On archival-grade paper, where my dreams intertwine.
It's not just any canvas, but a whisper of my journey,
Off-white and vibrant, in every hue, it speaks to me.

Framed in sleek, minimalist black, a symbol of my fight,
A reminder of resilience, through day and night.
This artwork, a beacon in my tranquil space,
Guides me, comforts me, in this new embrace.

A chalice of serenity, where I lay my head,
Reflecting on the paths that I've come to tread.
Protected by clarity, as clear as day,
In this crystal cocoon, my worries fade away.

Sipping from the heavens, I toast to this life,
Amid the hustle, finding peace amidst the strife.
It's a visual serenade to the soul I've found,
In the melody of living, where my spirit is unbound.

To you, my past self, know this tale of growth,
From the shadows emerged, I took an oath.
To build a sanctuary, where dreams can dance,
In this new beginning, giving myself a chance.

With every sunrise, I see more clearly,
The power within, embraced so dearly.
This letter, a rhyme from me to you,
A story of finding strength, in hues so true.

So cheers, to the journey, to the highs and lows,
To the new chapters, where this young woman grows.
In this space, this haven, I've come to thrive,
Past me, just know, we're more alive.

- Cadenza Arthouse staff writer

Artist: Allysen Towner, 2019

Allysen Towner is a contemporary artist known for her bold exploration of emotional landscapes through abstract forms. With "A Throne of Thirst," she invites the viewer to reflect on the complexities of identity and desire, challenging conventional perceptions of the divine. Towner's artistry lies in her ability to evoke deep, introspective contemplation, making her a standout figure in the realm of modern abstract art.

Premium archival-grade paper, off-white, without optical brighteners. Encased in a sleek, black aluminum frame, 20mm thickness, 10mm width, with shatterproof, transparent plexiglass. Includes hassle-free hanging hardware. FSC-certified paper, environmentally responsible. 

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