By Frankie Mohammed
updated 05MAY2024 22:53

RENO, Nevada (CA) —If it weren't for the large frame wedding portrait i was carrying with me I'd have beenn in some kind of trouble with the boys in blue in Reno.  They are adamant about checking out Volvos with a 5th wheel on the back.

pictures otw...


I remember driving around this lake.  I found the town to be small.  By now I had accepted most towns were small.  This is what I had expected a picture of Americana.  The casino scene we'd all seen in movies.  So many elements were accurate.  The inside of the casinos of course were labyrinthian in design.  Annoyingly so.  I might have been recently smoking and just trying to get back to my car 😹 Oh my goodness!  I got lost in many a few moments too long.  But I'll tell you I probably met one of the sweetest ladies there in one of those casinos.  That's the serendipitous shoot you do when you're in Reno.  Now for garden people, there are events also.  And I did find a farmers market and a farmers market model was right there, but I was not in Reno enough time to know the place like I do Houston.  And there was this little bistro hidden away and the chef was great.  Sad to hear the place isn't there anymore; it was a nice moment.  I wish I had more time.

For the short version, yes, visitors you can come to Reno for a good snapshot of moments in American towns.


car notes; video of rear wheels; Reno scenes, waterways, ducks.


from here it will be back to San Francisco for this fashion show________




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