Shailaun takes the main stage at the Chelita Lenice Fashion Show


Dallas, Texas (CA) — I remember i got these Betelgeuse looking pants here; i think it was this time. 

and you know how it is when you're at a show and you need something right now, so you hit that Map and find the nearest.  I was right in the neighborhood of these very fashionable shops in Dallas.  I needed to get some ladies clothes and as I recall, not having very specific instructions, i found a pair of boots of some kind with an great sturdy heal and pointed toe.  Now, would it have worked for this show?  The world may never know as an alternative saved the day.  Lots of wardrobe and styling happening this day.

I was far away from the venue on a clothing mission.  My camera was good and I had everything I needed.  Now let me tell you, I would end up leaving my camera bag there and I never got it back.  Luckily I had my camera with me the whole time so all i lost was a bag and some extra chargers and accessories.  When you lose something it's a lesson you must have needed to learn.  I don't use camera bags anymore!  😹  Now let me tell you about how my cameras looking like it's been through all my life with me :)

The salesman at the shop was really into me as a customer.  I really felt like this mf dude was going above and beyond trying to satisfy me as a customer because there were certainly other ppl in there and he wasn't paying them attention like he did on me.  Lookin me over reeaaal good.  But ultimately he did great and sold me this audacious black and white stitched vertical stripe suit thing.  Later the suit would make an appearance in some creative fashion remixes in a true testament to what it means to be about that fashion life.  S/O to the designer seamstresses that do the thing and make our fashion dreams real.

More to follow...


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